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The Father’s Heart

Jan 15, 2021

This Podcast is an interview with a 60 year old daughter of God who has led an accomplished professional life in the medical community as a Nurse Practitioner, yet always felt left out. Our interviewee is Jill Von Rothe, daughter of Dr. Von Rothe a German immigrant to the USA after WWII in the late 1950’s. Jill is a patriot who served in the US military as a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force.

We start our conversation describing Jill’s background and the derivation of the word “Patriot” which means “of the Father” from both a natural and spiritual perspective.  We began our Podcast in this manner because though Jill is a true Patriot in both the natural and spiritual sense of the word, she had a very difficult life growing up; particularly relating to the men who were in the role of father in her life, yet never acted as a true father should act. Come listen to Jill’s story about the words she heard from her Mom concerning her Mom’s husband who was not her biological father, the man (Dr. Von Rothe) who was her biological father and almost aborted Jill; but, decided at the last minute not to do so. Since, he was an OBGYN, he could have easily done so. God protected her. Jill never met her real father until she was 21; listen to her tell the horrific way her father treated Jill, whose only interest was to receive love from her father.

Listen to the disastrous effect of her Mother’s husband not giving her a divorce, depriving her mother of food and funds and later not allowing a new husband to adopt Jill since she was born out of wedlock. Jill so much wanted a father’s love; all the men who could have played that role in her life disappointed her. As she became a woman, she fell in love with a man, became pregnant and had an abortion. Here again in her life, the father did not want the baby. Come listen to all the details and how very recently God redeemed her emotional situation through the words of her Stepfather. Hear how at the age of 93, Bud, her stepfather spoke the words that healed her heart.

I am sure you will be blessed to listen. This is another redemptive story revealing how the love of God overcomes worry, anxiety, and fear and helps us live life more abundantly. You may be able to identify with parts of Jill’s story. This Podcast reveals the Father’s Heart in our lives and is complimentary to Papa Tom’s Tales children’s books ( You can order books at as well.