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The Father’s Heart

Jan 26, 2021

This Podcast presents a conversation with my wife, Jane D’Elia Clark, into her past history with her father and how the interaction with her father affected her life. Janey was born into a wealthy family in Greenwich CT, one of six children; she herself also gave birth to six children. Follow her stories as she has tells about the words her father spoke to her as a young child and how those words affected her self-concept of who she is. How do you think being called “stupid” affected a child’s ability to learn for example?

Despite growing up in a home with an alcoholic mother and a father who worked overseas in Japan for six months out of the year; how did Janey learn to cope with life? How did she learn who she is today? Janey reveals simple stories about events in her life that shaped how she felt about herself; often erroneously. Yet, through the power of God’s love for her, she began to learn the truth about what God her Father says about who she is.


Lastly, at the end of her natural father’s life, he gave her a great compliment that has remained with her to this day. Come listen to the parting words of a father to his daughter on his deathbed as she gave father the password to heaven.

We are sure you will enjoy listening to the Podcast. As a special gift, we are restructuring our website to give to single Mom’s a free Ebook of Papa Tom’s Tales “The Boy Who Found His Name” by going to At the bottom of the page you can register to receive your free copy. It’s my gift to you to give to your children.