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The Father’s Heart

Feb 28, 2023

Show Description:

Every heart-warming story often involves tragedy. This story is no exception. Nonetheless, God works through tragedy to draw us closer to Himself. We desire to present stories that are inspiring, transformational, and redemptive. Jake Norris’ story is such a story. 

Beginning with his early life in which Jake’s father was either absent or simply had a negative, even destructive influence on his son’s life, we find Jake being taken care of by his sister Kim. Unfortunately, Kim was killed in a horrible car accident in which Jake should have died but didn’t. Jake’s sister’s death sent his life into a tailspin, but God had other ideas in mind. Come listen to how Jake’s football friends (his offensive line) stood up and loved him back to God his Father. 

Later, Jake himself was in another horrendous automobile accident. He was traveling 80 mph on Dead Man’s Curve which had a required speed limit of 25 mph. He hit a tree head on demolishing his car, yet he walked away completely unscathed. Why? Did God have His Hand on Jake’s life? Come listen to what happened next. 

Another phase in Jake’s personal life brought him again to a place of emotional collapse. Again, God sent men into Jake’s life to help him. They took a trip up into the mountains. In a mountain cabin, Jake woke up very early before sunrise and took a walk and got lost. On that walk he encountered God. Not many of us have mountain top experiences with God, but Jake did. Come listen to how he describes his experience. For those of you who know the book “The Shack” or have seen the movie, this is a real-life experience which follows the same script. We are sure you will enjoy listening to what God is doing in this young man’s life and maybe, just maybe, you will have a hunger for God to speak to you too!

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father

Show Notes:

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