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The Father’s Heart

Dec 21, 2021

In the spirit of bringing to our listeners new information about what God is doing in America, let me introduce you to the reconstitution of the “Black Robed Regiment”. The Black Robed Regiment was the most feared force in America during the Revolutionary War. This sentiment was stipulated by the British authorities themselves. These men were the clergy of old who understood the Word of God and from its pages understood the value of freedom and the despotism of tyranny. We live in a time when this understanding is being renewed and understood in a new light overcoming the darkness promulgated by the institutions of our culture that have deceived us for far too long.


Come listen to Bill Cook, the Founding Father of the current Black Robed Regiment movement who seeks to enlist Pastors and Preachers to join companies of true spiritual leaders who are willing to take a stand against government overreach which seeks to destroy our Constitution and override our liberties as set forth by our Founding Fathers in our founding documents.


This podcast is revealing, enlightening and encouraging in a land in which many are fearful and even hopeless: it gives hope. America shall be saved! God our Father has a covenant with America from the Mayflower Compact of 1620 through our founding documents establishing our God given unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. When you listen you will feel connected to your Father in the present moment and to our fathers both past and present who exist by the Hand of God to express His Father’s love for us. Give us Liberty or Give us death!




Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!

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