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The Father’s Heart

Aug 8, 2022

It seems right that I meet Tyler Lee at a Freedom Convoy in rural North Carolina. Tyler is a young man from Virginia, the home of many of our nation’s statesman. He was born in Virginia, raised in a Biblically sound family of four brothers. He always wanted to be businessman, not a politician, but God led him to run for political office as a US Congressman from the 12th District in North Carolina.

Come listen to Tyler’s story. Come listen to how God His Father led him in is life to this current calling. Where is the Lord leading him now in his calling and destiny?

We need people like Tyler who has a Father’s Heart and listens to the voice of His Father as He leads him to do several things that did not seem to make sense; yet they were exactly what was needed.

You will be encouraged in this day and age in which we are in a pitched battle between good and evil to have one of God’s sons stepping into Government to support “We The People” of the USA! Remember no matter what you may hear through the fake news media. God is moving and He is about to break out in unexpected places in our nation. Is North Carolina one of those places? Listen and find out for yourself.

Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!


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