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The Father’s Heart

Mar 24, 2023

We were designed to connect. Naturally, we can choose to be alone and deny ourselves connection to our own detriment. The truth is love connects us and fear separates us. Focus on the word “us”. The word “us” implies there is a “We” that exists. Who is the We with? Who is the other party to our We? Who do we choose to relate to? 

Scripture describes the Creator is an “Us”. Let Us make man in our image and likeness. Imagine that God is identified in the plural. God Himself is a “We”. 

This podcast explores the concepts of We, With and the Word. Our options are to be alone or connected to another human being or connected with our Father. The desire to be connected rests within our soul. Our brains and hearts are wired by God our Father to love. Fear kills brain cells. Love produces proteins in our brains for increased life. 

In exploring the concept of We in our relationships, we can either look horizontally to those around us like father, mother, siblings, friends etc. or vertically upward to a divine connection with our Father. Most if not all our human relationships will end at some point. Our human relationships exist for our benefit (hopefully) for a season. However, the ultimate relationship with our Father is forever. 

Come listen to an amazing preaching by S.M. Lockridge about the most amazing person anyone could ever relate to. With Him we have the ultimate “We” relationship. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Do you know Him? You may know about Him, you may have images in your mind about who He is, but do you know Him personally. If you do know Him personally, He will take your hand and lead you to the Father after all since He is the Way, where do you think He is taking you to?

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

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