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The Father’s Heart

Dec 7, 2022

This podcast is about good discipline in the true sense of the word from a good father. This podcast addresses the issue of discipline from both a spiritual and natural perspective. When a father disciplines his children, he should never use his hand. The hand of a father is for blessing and affection. The same is true with the Hand of God our Father. Our Father’s Hand is to bless not to punish.


Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are older, they shall not depart from it. It is helpful for parents to understand the value of training and disciplining their children and in so doing giving them boundaries. Children need to understand boundaries to feel free within the constraints of those boundaries.


Come listen to several stories that describe natural ways in which a natural father can bless his children with proper discipline and proper boundaries. How would you react if your child thanked you for giving them a spanking? That is not the normal reaction in our society today, yet that is the response of a child who understands his parent is disciplining them out of love. The heart and hand working hand in hand.


The stories contained in this podcast are a throwback to an era when the disciplining of children with a rod (wooden paddle) was acceptable in society. The purpose of such discipline was not only to give a child a boundary, but more than that to help a child learn self-control, a practice that will accelerate their growth and development in the world. How many children do not have boundaries today? How many children do not understand or practice self-control? If a parent truly loves their children, they will want to help them in every way possible. Helping children learn self-control blesses them. If they learn to honor their parents, it will go well with them in their life.



Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!

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