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The Father’s Heart

Jun 29, 2022

This podcast discusses one of the methods God uses to reveal to us our Callings and Destiny: Dreams. It seems to me one of the principal ways our Father talks to us is through dreams. I am sure there are reasons for this, perhaps its because our rational mind is asleep, and our subconscious mind is awake. Nonetheless, it is very important to our success in life to understand who we are and what our Calling and Destiny is. How can anyone of us know our Calling and Destiny unless God speaks to us?

Come listen to how Papa Tom was given a dream which purported to reveal the Calling and Destiny of one of the most important characters who God is using to wake up America: Dinesh D’Souza. Dreams are often quite simple in presentation and structure yet have such profound meanings in them when they are unpacked. There are symbols, metaphors, color and texture and feelings that dreams present to us. When we are awake, we can search out the hidden meanings to the different layers held within the pictures presented by our dreams. Most of all, dreams affect our lives. Good dreams in a good way. Bad dreams in a bad way. 


Come listen to the dream about “Johnny Appleseed” and how such a dream points to Dinesh’s calling and destiny to plant seeds (words) that will be received by many people who have fertile soil and will grow into a great harvest: The Third Great Awakening of America! Enjoy the podcast.

Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!

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