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The Father’s Heart

Jan 23, 2023

“Enthusiasm The Elixir of Life”


Show Description:

Enthusiasm is defined by Noah Webster as “getting excited about what God has revealed to you”. It’s being God-inspired and activated. Most sickness and disease start with stress. Most inward directed thoughts we think about ourselves are negative inducing stress. Do you see where this thinking process is headed? However, the thinking outside ourselves about other people or another being like God brings us to a completely different place in our minds. In order to be truly enthusiastic, one must believe there is a God and that that God has revealed something to them which excites them. It is the ultimate “other” experience.

This podcast shares several stories of how enthusiasm effected the lives of the people who were involved. The initial stories discuss sports stories in which enthusiasm effected the lives of the players in a good way. The last story is about the process of bringing forth life. It is personal to myself and my wife. It shows how God moved upon my wife’s womb enabling her to become pregnant. It was foretold prophetically in the Psalms 113:9 “The barren woman shall be given a home and be the joyful mother of children”. This word from the Lord and Giver of Life was met with enthusiasm as more words came forth on Father’s Day in June of 1981. Come listen to how a young couple was moved upon by God and gave them something to get excited about.

Listen to these stories and ask yourself what has God revealed to you that you can get excited about in your life? If nothing comes to mind, seek Him out and see what He reveals to you. Our lives, callings, and destinies are in the mind of the Lord, and He so much wants to reveal them to us if we will only just let Him do so. Each one of our callings and destinies will bring heaven to earth in some way, shape or form. His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. The only question is will you participate in this process or not? I pray for you to participate, get a personal revelation from the Lord and get excited about it!

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

 Show Notes:

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