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The Father’s Heart

Mar 17, 2023

What happens when there are no fathers present in the home, school, churches, or any other social organization? Fear runs rampant. The father of lies uses lies to create fear. Fear separates us. The enemy of our souls wants fathers out of the picture. God the Father uses truth to bring His love to us. Love connects us. In the battle between good versus evil; fear versus love; lies versus truth, love always wins in the end.

 Several weeks ago, I showed a clip of “Dads on Duty” in a Louisiana high school. This high school had daily explosions of violence. One day 22 students were arrested for fighting. It was out of control. The teachers couldn’t stop the violence, the police couldn’t stop the violence. Then one day 60 fathers stepped forth and said they would make their presence known in their high school. The day they arrived the violence stopped, cold turkey. The Dads arrived and took turns being present in the school. They greeted the students when they came in and walked the halls. The students were interviewed and asked why all the violence stopped when the fathers arrived. The students said they felt safe.

 This podcast tells the story of a middle-aged divorcee whose husband was not interested in spending time with their son. No issues with custody battles in this family. The father wanted nothing to do with his son, and this reality broke the mother’s heart because she experienced the effect it had on her son. What was motivating the son’s father to walk away from his son: it was fear. No law can be written to change the heart of a man. Perfect love casts out all fear. The only antidote for this father’s fear was the love of God the Father.

 Come listen to how Marilyn York, a divorce attorney from Nevada who represents only men in divorce proceedings and particularly fathers. She works to change the laws in the state of Nevada from laws that favor the mothers to laws that support a father’s rights to his children. The driving force behind Marilyn’s initiative is to help the children. In a word the children need a father. In a much broader sense, we all need fathers who represent the love that God the Father has for us. Despite the fact we lie in a fallen world, with lies producing fear all around us, it’s a breath of fresh air to experience a touch of love to help us experience the truth God loves us.

 Lastly, Papa Tom shares part of his latest children’s book “The Birthday Present” in which “Songlasses” are alive and help people see the truth. If you abide in Him, you will see the truth and the truth will set you free. Truth leads to love. Love leads to connection. Who better to be connected with than God the Father?

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

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