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The Father’s Heart

Jan 31, 2023

“Finding Your Voice”


Show Description:


If you find yourself spending all your time and energy surviving, you may not have the interest or bandwidth to consider this podcast. However, if you find yourself searching for satisfaction beyond the necessities of life, you are likely to find the subject presented herein to be interesting, if not intriguing. The subject of this podcast is finding your voice. The thought behind this presentation is exploring on your journey through life how do you find your voice? Everyone has their own voice, i.e., their own way of expressing themselves. Individual expression can be found via writing, speaking, singing or painting; almost any manner of communicating has an individual expression.

We live in a world in which Government and Private companies are working together to censor our voice. Our Founding Fathers thought it of the highest importance that the very first freedom we have been given in the Bill of Rights was freedom of speech. We must have freedom of speech to be a free people! If you find yourself being persecuted for what you say, you may have found your voice.

Come listen to this podcast as the subject of finding your voice is explored. There are several stories discussed including personal stories of how I found a way to express myself to my grandchildren. How can you impact the lives of your children and grandchildren? How can you help your sons and daughters see themselves as the children of God?

This podcast shares with you how I have been positively affected by the voice of other people who have influenced me in my thinking. Those authors and podcasters who have presented new ideas to me are on my short list of future potential guests on our show. This list includes both famous and unknown people who have a story to tell. Come listen to who they are.

This podcast shares a Biblical story in which Yeshua reveals the heart of God to forgive and not to accuse or condemn. Can you experience God’s voice in the Word? Certainly, if one has the ears to hear and the eyes to see, they will be able to experience the voice of God in Scripture. His love for us is expressed in the tone and substance of His Word. If you can find the Father’s voice, maybe, just maybe you will be able to find your own voice as He certainly knows your true voice; after all He created you.

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

Show Notes:

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