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The Father’s Heart

Jan 22, 2021

Our Podcast with Dave Henderson discusses the issues of the day from what we believe was the perspective of our Founding Fathers. Initially, we discuss what the word “Patriot” means and then we give a brief historical perspective from the writings of our Founding Fathers what they had in mind in 1776 as described in our foundational documents. We discuss what makes our Constitution different from any other Constitution of any other nation on the earth. Our rights are inalienable rights given by God alone; the Government did not give us rights and the Government cannot take our rights away because our rights are God-given. The particular focus of our discussion is the right to be free.  Our Constitution recognizes that our individual freedom is a God given right. Our Government as designed by our Founding Fathers was created to protect the rights of the individual; of the people, by the people and for the people.

We trace the changes that happened in our country from 1871, when we were bankrupt and our Congress at that time took on debt from the Bank of England. What did Congress’ action taken in 1871 do to our freedom; knowing that the borrower is the slave of the lender. In 1913 two events happened: the institution of the income tax and the establishment of a private bank called the Federal Reserve. Listen to how these two historical events impacted our freedom. Stories are told about our own personal experiences that show how our freedom is being impacted in our contemporary society. How are the changes happening in our nation impacting our freedom today? How is the enemy deluding us and presenting fear into our hearts; offering us protection and security in exchange for sacrificing our freedom. This is tyranny. Don’t take the bait. Remember perfect love overcomes all fear.

All of our podcasts and books present what I believe is the perspective of our Father, who is a good, good Father. “The Father’s Heart” is an outpouring of what God has given to me to impart to you. What is God the Father’s perspective as he revealed His Heart to us in His Word and how men and women who understood what was in His Heart impacted our culture and society. How can we understand what His Heart is for us today as we reach an inflection point in our nation? We are praying and believing that God our Father is going to move in a big, big way in 2021 because He loves us.