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The Father’s Heart

Mar 10, 2023

Show Description:


Do you ever wonder who you are or where you come from? Do you question whether your parents are your biological parents? It is said 25% of children born today are not the biological children of the man who they call Dad. It a world that has emasculated men and deposed fathers from their rightful position in the family, do we wonder why our nation and society in general is collapsing? Fatherlessness is arguably the greatest social problem we have in America today.

This podcast explores the impact that a father’s words have on their children. This impact starts very early with the naming of children. The right to name someone or something implies ownership or at a minimum authority to do so. Who has the right to name a person? Who had the authority to name you? Adam named all the animals. He had authority to do so. According to Scripture, your father has the right to name you. Your father may also help you find your calling and destiny. Your name may have indicators in it of your calling and destiny. The words your father says to you will have a significant impact on your calling and destiny in either a good or a bad way.

Father’s have been given God given authority to name their children. Implied in that right to name comes responsibility not only to give a child their name albeit a first name, but also the father’s last name, i.e., the family name. Come listen to how Greg Laurie’s life was impacted by his adopted father, Oscar Laurie. Come find out what the name “Laurie”, a Scottish name means and how that effected Greg in his life and the impact on their father/son relationship.

The stories we tell in our podcasts are designed to inspire, transform, and restore or redeem the connection God the Father wants for you. This connection extends to your children. Remember it is our mission in life to bring the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Come listen and allow God your Father to open your heart to Him!

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

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