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The Father’s Heart

May 3, 2022

This is the second podcast with Candy Clancy. We encourage you to listen to our first podcast in which Candy recounts her personal story of redemption in finding her long lost son after 37 years. It is an encouraging story of redemption that is heartwarming and uplifting.


This second podcast focuses more on the interim period between losing and finding her son from whom she was separated at birth. How did Candy survive emotionally during the in between years? This story reveals three interesting experiences when Candy actually heard the audible voice of God her Father speak to her to help her get through certain circumstances that were difficult for her. Have you ever heard the audible voice of God? Do you want to hear your Father’s audible voice?


Come listen to Candy’s story. We are sure you will be blessed and encouraged to know God is real and He is a very personal God, who wants to be personally involved in every one of our lives. Will you let Him come close to you? Will you let Him be the Father to you that you need and always wanted but were afraid to ask? Your relationship with Him starts with knowing He exists and that His nature is good: absolutely Good! He is desires to connect with you, are you willing to connect with Him?

Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!

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