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The Father’s Heart

Aug 31, 2022

As difficult as it is to connect with people, places, and things that we can see; how much more difficult it is to connect with people, places, and things we cannot see. Dreams provide a channel for connection and communication beyond our five senses. While our five senses are the gates to our mind, dreams open the door to our imaginations to see into another world that we cannot see or perceive with our natural eyes. Is it any wonder the most likely time for us to dream is when we are asleep? During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) time our rational minds are asleep, and our subconscious or spirit is awake. What occurs in our dream life can determine what happens when we are awake. Dreams can predict our future, our callings and destinies are embedded in our dreams, but most importantly God our Father can speak to us in our dreams, communicating to us in ways that cannot happen when we are awake.

This podcast discusses dreams from the perspective of God our Father speaking to us. Come listen to examples of how God spoke to me in dreams and the effect it had. God is an economist, dreams not only affect the person having the dream, it effects the people around us who we are connected to in some way. Dreams have changed the world. Two Biblical dreams are mentioned that effected the history of the world: specifically, Joseph’s interpretation of Pharoah’s Dream and Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream.

Come listen to how dreams can reveal your calling and destiny as they have revealed my calling and destiny. Come discover how your Father wants to connect with you through dreams and show you your calling and destiny. Perhaps you have experienced a Déjà vu experience. Is a Déjà vu experience nothing more than a dream you had in your past that revealed to you your future? May you be encouraged to seek out good dreams from your Father. May you realize your future depends upon it!

Come and listen, enjoy and connect with God Your Father!

Show Notes:

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