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The Father’s Heart

Sep 14, 2022

Addressing our mission statement “Bringing the hearts of the Fathers to the Children and the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers”, this podcast adds an additional thought which precedes the above statement: These are the days of Elijah. The Days of Elijah are the days when prophets are raised up to prepare the for the second coming. We are in those days right now.

The Father’s Heart Talk Show is based on an appeal to reach out to people to get connected. Who should you get connected to? Who is your family? Who is your tribe? Where do you belong? Where is your community? The most fundamental community all of us are born into is a family. While our natural families are the most basic form of community, we may find ourselves estranged from our natural families and yet we remain wired to seek connection. We are wired to be loved and to seek love, yet we live in a world that bombards us with fear. Love connects, fear separates.

Come listen to our stories today about family and community. Papa Tom shares a video clip about his recent family vacation. This is a glimpse into what family feels like and what God our Father wants us to enjoy on the earth and more so in His Kingdom. What is happening in your life today that is more important than being connected to people who are your family, tribe, and community? Most importantly who is your Daddy? All identity, callings, destiny, connection, life and existence come from the Father of Lights, the Big Guy, the Only Uncreated One, yep you got it your Father!

Come and listen, enjoy and connect with God Your Father!


Show Notes:

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Further developments: The Fathers Heart Talk Show with Papa Tom will air every Thursday morning at 8:00 am on WSIC from Statesville NC on channels 105.9 FM, 100.7 FM, 1400 AM. You can also find us on wherein recorded shows will be saved for you to visit and listen to the recordings.



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