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The Father’s Heart

Jun 1, 2021

This Podcast is a discussion between Tom Clark and Dave Henderson on the matter of the conflict between our spirit and our soul. Most of us have learned to live our lives in our souls (mind, will and emotions). Furthermore, the media and various mountains of influence present to us soulish perspectives of life; highlighting feelings over facts and truth.  In any case, whether we are motivated to live out our lives from our mind or emotions; both often lead us astray as they are both soul based and not spirit based. Come listen to our discussion about how the enemy attacks us through our souls and how God our Father shows us how to protect us through His Word speaking to our spirit man. Several recent blogs are read to our listeners as these blogs address the subject of spirit vs. soul issues. Come listen to how Tom’s father was able to overcome fear in his life by learning now to live spirit first. He died after the Lord spoke to him about his life being “a perfect ending to a perfect life”. What did the Lord mean by “perfect”? How could a life that was by all earthly accounts a disaster actually be “perfect” in God’s eyes?  This is an emotional story, and will give you a completely different view of reality, but a more accurate view of the Kingdom!