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The Father’s Heart

Nov 4, 2022

This podcast addresses the issue of how our lives are being affected by changes in our society in the words we use to create new reasons for people to be offended and consequently divided and separated. The purpose of The Father’s Heart Talk Show is to help us connect. Offenses cause the opposite effect; we become separated.

This podcast has four stories that illustrate how people are offended, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Come listen to how you can overcome offense or outright avoid the impact of offense in your life. When anyone becomes offended it is not a pleasant experience. It should be avoided at all costs. So, how do you renew your mind and protect your heart against the effects of offense?

The question that is raised in this podcast is Who is Your Daddy? That might seem odd at flush blush, but the secret to not be offending rests on the truth of knowing who you are. Furthermore, how does one come to know who they are? They come to know who they are through God their Father. Come listen to the exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees when the question of who their Father is, was raised. We can learn much from this exchange.

Come listen to how our minds are being programmed to become offended purposely to divide us. Families are being divided; communities are being divided. Do you want to be alienated, separated, and disconnected from people? Or do you want to connect and relate to people? Satan wants to control us. God wants to set us free so that we can willingly connect with Him and connect with one another.

Come learn how to protect your heart from offense. Become offense proof! This will bring much joy into your life and help you avoid much emotional pain. May God our Father Bless you with the knowledge of who you are, your calling and destiny.

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!

Show Notes:

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