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The Father’s Heart

Jul 25, 2022

The phase the bait of Satan is taking offense (This term is taken from the book “The Bait of Satan” by John Bevere. This podcast deals with the bait of Satan from the perspective of how it affects our destiny. Not to say that we will not reach our destiny, however, when we are offended, we are sidetracked from our destiny and that is the devil’s plan. The only one who can stop you from reaching your own destiny is you. When you become offended you derail yourself from your own destiny.

Come listen to two dreams the Lord gave me: one, a recent dream about choosing not to be offended and the second dream from 40 years ago concerns my own calling and destiny. I take two stories from The Bait of Satan book written by John Bevere that describes two Old Testament people who chose not to be offended and thereby were able to reach their destinies: Joseph and David. One was mistreated by his brothers, the other by his surrogate father, his father-in-law. Both resisted the bait of Satan and were blessed to see their destinies reached by the power and grace of God.

In this day and age, much is presented to us through the media and social interaction that is intended to cause us to be offended. Don’t take the bait! Remember bait is used in a trap to trap you! How is this accomplished? You get stuck in your emotions and cannot see straight. Remember the Accuser uses words to divide or destroy us. Words that offend us are designed to steal, kill and destroy our destinies. Don’t take the bait! Listen to how you can overcome the temptation to be offended. Resist the devil and he will flee.

As a side note, right after this podcast was created on my radio show I went out to breakfast at a Cracker Barrel. When I went to pay the bill, I asked the cashier what her name was? She replied her name was “Destiny”! Then she disappeared (Ha-ha, just kidding). God speaks to us in many ways. Open your heart to Him and ask Him to speak to you.

Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!

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