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The Father’s Heart

Jun 8, 2021

This Podcast is a discussion between Tom Clark and Dave Henderson on the subject of exchanging one thing for another, which we are describing as trading. Naturally, we understand there is much trading in the marketplace. People exchange goods and services for money all the time. However, the trades we are describing herein are the trades we make with the words we speak on a spiritual and soul level.

Come listen to stories we tell about trades we have made or people we know have made that were actually trades with the devil and they did not even realize it. What happened? How could they get out of the bad trades they made? How can you avoid making bad trades that you did not realize you were making that will really affect your life negatively? On the other hand, what about the trades we make with God? Do we want our relationship with our Father to be transactional “Quid Pro Quo” or do we want something much deeper and more intimate?