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The Father’s Heart

Jan 9, 2023

“How Truth Connects Us to Our Father Through the Eyes of a Child”


Show Description:


Many are familiar with the saying from Scripture, “unless you become like a child again you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. This podcast discusses Papa Tom’s Tales Book Three “The Birthday Present”. In the tradition of each book overcoming a specific fear via the love of God the Father, this book deals with the Spirit of Deception. The background to this book is discussed as in the famous style of Paul Harvey describing the rest of the story.


In previous podcasts and radio shows I have discussed the power of words and how stories connect us to each other and to God our Father. Many of us find ourselves constantly being deceived by the MSM (Main Stream Media) and most other forms of media as we battle evil people trying to program our minds in the Theatre of the Mind. The enemy of our souls cannot reach our spirits, but he can distort our perception of almost everything around us. How do we see the truth? How do we see what is truly happening all around us? The solution is a gift from God our Father who metaphorically gives Luke the Lightbearer a special gift:  Songlasses. This gift is alive. It corrects the vision of whoever wears them. It trains the eye of our spirit to see the truth in whatever is looked upon. These are miraculous glasses that lead Luke’s friend Joshua to see the truth so he can fulfill his calling and destiny. While Papa Tom’s Tales are children’s books, they contain ideas and thoughts for all ages. None of us will ever be able to achieve our calling and destiny in this life unless and until we can see the truth.


Come listen to this podcast and allow your mind to ponder the ideas discussed herein with the ears of a child. Perhaps, if you can listen to this podcast with the ears of a child, becoming like a child again, then maybe, just maybe you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven right here and right now. After all, the Kingdom of Heaven is near at hand! Hold your hand up to your face. It’s that close!



Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!



Show Notes:

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