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The Father’s Heart

Nov 1, 2022

This podcast is a presentation of the process of thinking outside of oneself about others. Everything “other” is the antithesis of self-centeredness. Three stories are given about Otherness. The first story is showing the effect of a grandson discussing with his grandfather a topic very dear to the grandson’s heart. The grandfather's defense mechanisms were pierced by the innocent and pure motive of his grandson whose only concern was his grandfather’s well-being. Come listen to this story between Mike the grandfather and Jude the grandson. It is a true father-son exchange of Otherness connecting the heart of child with his grandfather and simultaneously connecting the heart of a grandfather with God the Father.

Come listen to two personal stories that show how the process of Otherness has affected my life in very good ways. Practicing Otherness in my prayer life has brought me closer to the Heart of God my Father the Big Other in my life. Further, the process of Otherness has connected me to new people I meet every day. Come listen to how practicing the process of Otherness will lead you to finding your true self, calling and destiny. It seems the opposite is true; seeking self-improvement only leads to self-centeredness. However, thinking about others, especially God our Father as the Number One Other leads us to understanding who we truly are.

We believe you will enjoy this podcast. It is entertaining and contains truth you can easily apply to your life that will have an immediate, positive effect. Hopefully, you will be touched by the stories told herein as I was affected. By the way, if this podcast truly affected you in a good way, you can start practicing “Otherness” by passing it onto others who you believe will benefit from it! 

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!


Show Notes:

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