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The Father’s Heart

Aug 24, 2022

This podcast is Part One of a Two Part series of interviews with an old family friend who from any perspective is considered a “mensch”. The dictionary defines a mensch as someone who is a person of integrity and honor. The Jewish culture would also imply in Yiddish that such person had an imminently successful career. Such is the case with Robert G. Flanders Jr., or more affectionately Bob Flanders. Few people live lives that in the eyes of the world reach the highest levels of success and prestige as Bob Flanders has done. He is the epitome of success from almost every calculatable perspective. The oldest of seven children, the father of three, a successful marriage of 51 years, QB of a preeminent private high school and Ivy League college teams, a highly rated scholarship athlete in both football and baseball. Superior academic excellence at both Brown and Harvard Law School. Signed a major league baseball professional contract while attending Harvard law school. A business litigation attorney for the top law firms in the US, Supreme Court Justice in the Rhode Island. Bob enjoyed a fairy tale career, yet through it all after 70 years of living he discovered a most important secret. His father was not his father. Here was a son who would make any father proud to be his father; yet the man he called Dad all his life was not his father.

What would you do if you discovered your father was not your father? Would it change anything? Would you tell him at age 94 what you found out? Come listen to Bob’s personal story and found out how Bob handled this situation.

Part Two will discuss Bob’s passion, the Law and the Constitution. The purpose of law to protect an individual’s rights. And the purpose of the Constitution to protect us from Governmental tyranny. A true Renaissance man shares his thoughts for us today. A true son who has a father’s heart.

Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!


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