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The Father’s Heart

Aug 24, 2022

Few people live lives comfortable in their own shoes. Few find careers satisfying to their natures, giftings and callings. Of the few people who find such careers, how many become lawyers? Occasionally, you can find such a person, when you do you will find they have a purpose in life beyond the apparent day to day things they do, they find meaning in what they do. How many lawyers find true meaning in the Law? You can find lawyers performing their jobs for the money, power, prestige etc., but how many truly appreciate the beauty of Law? Why does Law exist? What is it there for? 

Come listen to this podcast as these questions are posed to our Man for all Seasons, Bob Flanders. The reason he went into law was because as a competitive athlete he found that the field of law offered a “playing field” on which he could compete and win. At the same time, he realized he could help people settle their disputes and grievances justly. For the law was all about Justice. Bob discovered the Law was designed to bring Justice and in so doing to protect the rights of the individual. 

On a higher level, the Law of our Land, based on our Constitution protected the rights of individuals from tyranny. Listen to how Bob responds to questions about the Constitution with respect to our Founding Father’s desire to create a government with separation of powers. “Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely” was a principle understood by our Founding Fathers. Those who think they are above the Law put themselves in a position of playing God. This is what we are confronting today in our nation. Those who want to play God place themselves in the most unrighteous position of all, they do so to exercise power over the people in opposition to our Founding Father’s desire to place power in the hands of “We the People”. This podcast will provide you with thoughts that will cause you to stop and think. Our nation needs fathers back in leadership roles and positions of authority that respect Law (Law and Order). 

Come and listen, enjoy and connect again with God Your Father!


Show Notes:

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