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The Father’s Heart

Feb 10, 2023

“Prodigal Father Returns Part Two: Restoration”

 Show Description:

 When the glitz and glitter of a fast pace high life ceases, and the music stops where will you find yourself? Ted Sr., the father, found himself in jail, sold out by the people who worked for him. Ted and his brother Rick went through a roller coaster ride of incarceration in and out of prison. But, through it all God had His hand on Ted Sr.’s life. Abandoned by all his friends, he found his son and daughter step up to the plate visiting their father in jail. In doing so, the family relationships that had suffered under the absenteeism of their father was restored. All the family relationships were restored as Ted Sr. got saved in jail and his son Ted and daughter Gina were saved simultaneously in Bible town. Thankfully, God is in the restoration business.

Come listen to Part Two of the DeLisi crime family’s restoration. Forgiveness was a major factor in this restoration process even though it took 31 years to develop. Come listen to how time after time people hurt Ted Sr. from his work family who snitched on him, to the lawyers who stole from him to the prosecutor who put him back in jail overriding a vacate order from one court to a stay order by a higher court. Ted had many people to forgive, and he forgave them all. Then there was only one person left: himself. He had to forgive himself.

The Prodigal son story is recited and the parallels in real life to the DeLisi family are uncanny except in reverse. In the Bible story the son flew the coop. In this story the father flew the coop. Now the father is back living with his son and enjoying the last chapter of his life in the sunshine of his grandchildren’s smiles.

If there ever was a story of bringing the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their father, this is it. The Father’s Heart Talk show and our podcasts are designed to bring you inspiring stories that are transformative and restorative. No matter where you are in life, God your Father wants to bring His blessings into your life. If you want to be transformed or restored, do you think it might be a good idea to connect with Him. I think so.

 Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

Show Notes:

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