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The Father’s Heart

Mar 3, 2023

Show Description:

 Are children important to you? If not, don’t listen to this podcast. If you believe children are important, even if you don’t have children yourself, this podcast will bless you. At the Father’s Heart Talk Show, we are interested in promoting what is in the heart of God the Father is saying and doing. Children are the apple in God’s eyes. They are the highest priority in God’s mind. Alternatively, children are also the focus of evil people who want to gain power and control over our lives, our society, our nation and even the next generation.

It should not come as a surprise to our listeners that we are in a war in America and in the world. This war has many aspects and various fronts on which attacks are being made to confiscate our freedom. While not a shooting war, the ramifications to our freedom as individuals is at stake. In all wars the first victim is truth. This war is no exception. In the theater of the mind, a psych-ops war is being fought over ideas and thoughts. The principal target is our children’s minds. They are being taught lies. Lies produce fear.  Come listen to this podcast as Papa Tom offers 3 clips that show where the attack is focused on our children.

Scripture tells us that God wants us to be fruitful and multiply. Satan cannot reproduce. Human beings made in the image and likeness of God the Creator, can reproduce. Could Satan’s inability to reproduce and the jealousy of Mankind that stems from that reality be the underlying premise for LGBTQ? Sadly, I believe it is. Men who remain men; and women who remain women live their lives with the capacity to reproduce. They can have children. The LBGTQ community cannot reproduce. The LGBTQ community cannot have children. Is Satan laughing at them? And yet through media and the schools and Hollywood, Satan is going after our children. Currently, in the world in which we live, which side of history do you choose to be on? Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Darkness.

 Come listen to personal stories Papa Tom tells about his own family experiences with having children. The head is out to the neck! Is the expression that you will remember! Children are a gift from the Lord. They belong to Him, let’s not let them be deceived and captured by evil people who want to control them or destroy them. Father God is not going to allow these activities to continue, we are reaching a tipping point. Everything is going to change and when it does it will move quickly. What can you do to stand up for what is right? Are you willing to stand up for what is right for the sake of children? The consequences of your decision will affect you, your family, your community and ultimately our nation!

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

Show Notes:

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