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The Father’s Heart

Dec 16, 2022

For better or for worse, stories effect the way we think and consequently how we relate to each other. This podcast discusses why stories exist; what their varied purposes are, and how it affects our minds and our relationships. Personally, I believe my calling is to be a Storyteller. It has taken me 70 years to walk into my calling, however once I landed in this role, I am where I am supposed to be. One way or the other stories effect our minds. Jesus told parables to reveal spiritual truths. Jesus was a Storyteller. Through His stories we can find meaning and purpose in our lives and so much more.

We are bombarded today with narratives that are designed to affect our minds. Could it be that there is a sinister plot to affect our minds? Could the name of this evil intent be called “Project Mockingbird”? Could the news media be speaking from the same sheet of music every day, using the same words to program us? If so, what evil has befallen us, and we don’t even see it because we have already been programmed.

Papa Tom shares his third Papa Tom’s Tales Children’s Book on this podcast “The Birthday Present”. He shares in this book an example of telling a story that addresses the very issue of deception. Stories can teach, educate, and inspire us. Papa Tom states there is more truth in a fictional Papa Tom’s Tales book that you will ever hear from the mainstream media. The device God uses to help people overcome deception is “Son-glasses”, a living, breathing prism through which they can view reality to see truth clearly. Do you own a pair of Son-glasses?

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!

Show Notes:

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