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The Father’s Heart

Jan 4, 2023

“The Fatherlike Characteristic of An Avenger”


Show Description:


What does Avenger mean in the Bible?

Avenger translates Hebrew go'el , which in its verbal form means to redeem. Redemption applies to repossessing things consecrated to God (Leviticus 27:13-31 ) or to God's actions for His people (Exodus 6:6; Job 19:25; Psalm 103:4; Isaiah 43:1 ).


This podcast with Jaime Luce is a discussion of the redeeming characteristic of a Father who seeks to redeem or repossess. It is interesting that in our modern parlance we would consider an “avenger” as someone who seeks revenge. However, this is not the original Hebrew meaning of the word. The characteristic of an Avenger is someone who redeems. Jaime reveals this understanding of an avenger in Hebrew. The classic story of an avenger is a Kinsman Redeemer and the prototypical Biblical character who depicts the Kinsman Redeemer is Boaz.


Every woman seeks a Boaz for her husband. Someone who will support her. Someone who will provide, protect, and mentor her in life. These are all characteristics of a true father. These are the same characteristics of a Kinsman Redeemer. Come listen to Jaime describe these characteristics and the underlying truth behind the story of Ruth. A Kinsman Redeemer is someone in our bloodline who is willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility for us. These responsibilities are not lightly taken. In Hebrew tradition, a Kinsman Redeemer had to be willing to take on three responsibilities. Come listen to what they are. Come listen to how Ruth’s story describes our lives in many ways and how each of us needs a Kinsman Redeemer to be our personal Avenger. Boaz is a figure of Christ and he stepped up to the plate for Ruth, just as Yeshua did the same for each one of us.


Come listen and enjoy our discussion and the story that Jaime presents. If you are looking for someone to have your back, come listen and maybe you will find Him.



Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!




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