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The Father’s Heart

Jun 15, 2021

This Podcast introduces the concept of the “Great Reset”. Many of us have been hearing the word “reset” for several years now. Concomitantly, we hear the word “rebirth”. What is meant by the term “reset”. The answer to that question depends on who you are talking to. This podcast is a discussion with Dave Henderson, the most well read, self-educated man I know, about this topic. We start from the beginning of life and the beginning of creation itself to obtain an understanding of the foundations on which everything is built. If we don’t understand the foundation of something, anything, how can we discuss what it will be “reset’ to? Come listen to our very deep discussion of the Foundation of the earth and how the Fibonacci Sequence can be found in all created things. How the Golden Ratio appears in everything from brainwaves to electricity to the Parthenon! It’s absolutely amazing that our Dad and Father, the One and Only Uncreated Being created everything out of nothing but the sound of His Voice, using a specific mathematical formula as one of only two constants! It’s unbelievable! And why should you and I care? Because our own Dad is Sovereign, He runs everything perfectly and He has promised us in His Word that the Final Solution is in His Hands: The Great Reset! We have nothing to fear; what a relief. So if you are going nuts trying to make heads or tales out of the news and how the Globalists, Central Bankers and Cabalists are claiming there is going to be a “reset” that is a New World Order.  Put your mind and heart at ease; they don’t know what they are talking about. The “Great Reset” is in our Father’s Hands would you want anyone else to be in charge of this whole enchilada?