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The Father’s Heart

Jan 12, 2021

This Podcast with my good friend Dave Henderson begins with the current events that happened on January 6th at the Trump rally on Capitol Hill in mind. To the two of us, it was clear that while many hundreds of thousands attended the march there was a setup taking place. Actually, it is turning out to be a double setup, nonetheless, our topic has to deal with the roots of spiritual wickedness. We discuss the word “holiness” and what that word means Biblically speaking; further we contrast the word holiness with the word translated as “mixture” which interestingly means the opposite of holiness.

The angle we take is the same angle we discuss in all of our Podcasts and Children’s books: it’s the theme that “perfect love casts out all fear”. The specific fear we address is the fear of the loss of self. How many of our politicians appear to have lost their sense of true self. We discuss how “threats, blackmail and bribery” are used to control and manipulate people; particularly our political leaders. Matt. 21:44 is described as the scripture which addresses the biblical concept of people either falling on the Rock and being broken (reduced down to the smallest part of what is truly their true self) ; or having the Rock falling on them and the result is their being essentially pulverized (wherein there is no part of them remaining).

We discuss what is Satan’s goal in our country? What is Satan’s end game?  We discuss Psalm 23 and Zechariah 13:7. The last part of our conversation is about a true story of two brothers: one, a believer who is dying of COVID-19; the other brother an atheist who is hurt and angry at God for allowing his brother to contract COVID. This true story is developing as we speak. We are praying for two miracles: one, the diving healing of the one brother from COVID; the healing of the heart connection between the atheist brother and God our Father.

As usual, we are keeping it real. We hope you enjoy our podcasts. We want to give our audience good and truthful thoughts they can apply to their lives by hearing how the love of God overcomes each and every fear. Remember to connect with us at as well.