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The Father’s Heart

Jan 19, 2023

“Trust, The Essence of Connection”

Show Description:

What do you feel like when someone you don’t know says to you “Trust me”? I cringe inside when someone, particularly a stranger says those words to me. I feel like they are trying to dupe me into believing them. Similarly, I feel the same way when some tells you how honest they are. As soon as someone says to me that I can trust them, my antenna goes up and I immediately don’t trust them. I cannot explain why this happens, perhaps it’s simply past experiences. In any case, this podcast describes why we need trust in our relationships despite all the negative experiences we have had to the contrary.

The question is asked “Is life worth living if we don’t trust anyone?” The answer is no; it’s not. Without trust we cannot have relationship with anyone, therefore is life worth living without relationships. This podcast describes a personal story about praying for an anonymous person who left a prayer request at a coffee shop. The prayer request included a scripture verse Proverbs 3:5 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, rely not on your own understanding”. I was personally affected as a result of praying for this unknown person’s prayer request.

So often we experience broken relationships because of broken trust. Divorces, anxiety, worries, fears and even depression can occur in our lives because someone lied to us or betrayed us. Scripture tells us that “God will be proved true, though every man be proved a liar”. There is only one being whom you can trust completely and that is God Himself. He is both love and truth at the same time. He cannot lie. He is the fundamental relationship on which all other relationships can be built, and He is completely trustworthy.

Come listen to Papa Tom describe his personal story about how this important subject of trust was brought to his attention. Come listen to how the story of Abraham describes someone whose relationship with God progressed over his lifetime from experiences in which Abraham showed he did not trust God to the end of his life when he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac because he had learned he could trust God completely. Abraham knew God would do what He said He would do. Promises made; promises kept. Abraham came to realize that God was a covenant keeping God. Ensconced in his belief Abraham came to be known as the Father of Faith. Thereby linking trust to faith. Come listen and be encouraged to learn God is the only One we can truly trust.

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

Show Notes:

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