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The Father’s Heart

Apr 19, 2022

This podcast addresses the two most important issues confronting The Father’s Heart Media: Fear and Freedom. What is Deliverance all about if not setting us free from Fear in all its forms. This podcast with Kathy DeGraw whom God has anointed to help people become delivered is unusual in its approach in that Kathy’s approach circumvents the “deliverance minister”. Religion tends to want to create programs and ministries to help people solve problems. Kathy’s approach to deliverance in founded on DIY. That acronym stands for “Do It Yourself”. Well, that expression in not entirely accurate in that you cannot deliver yourself without the Father’s help, it does preclude the need for an intermediary.

Come listen to Kathy describe how God led her sixteen years ago to lie prostrate before Him for two years to find deliverance in her own life. Since then, she has written over 10 books and has had over one million downloads of her podcast. Kathy has appeared 4 times on the Jim Baker show. Why are so many people drawn to hear about Deliverance? Maybe it’s because we all need Deliverance of something. Maybe it’s because the proliferation of fear has brought many into addictions and bondages and the Father wants to set his children free. Whom the Son sets free, they are free indeed.

Our mission is to help people connect with the God as Father (Malachi 4:6). Kathy believes only by connecting with the Father will you be set free and delivered from all fears. We agree with her approach. Come listen and hear for yourself. Learn how to be free through a connection with you and the Father.