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The Father’s Heart

Oct 5, 2022

Come listen to this podcast wherein two fathers in the financial services industry discuss how they learned about money from their family of origin. Ted DeLisi and Joe Delmonte are our guests on this podcast wherein we interviewed them for the “The Father’s Heart Talk Show.” Both Ted and Joe discuss their approach to how to allocate the resources of Time, Energy and Money. 

Which perspective do you have? Do you have a poverty mentality or a wealth mentality? Do you come from poverty or wealth? How did your family of origin influence your thinking about money? 

Ted has an interesting background. His father and Uncle were involved in the drug trade before their lives changed dramatically. Ted’s relationship with his father was mercurial to say the least, but now all is well. It all turned out all right, Ted’s relationship with his Dad has come full circle and they have learned to relate well together, but it was a roller coaster ride. 

Both Ted and Joe have interesting perspectives on how to advise their clients about money and investments. Wealth and Health are the two most important industries in America. They go hand in hand. Come listen to a mentally healthy perspective from two trustworthy financial advisors that you can trust to give you good advice. I am sure when you listen to them you will come to the conclusion you can trust them for their advice. 

Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father!

Show Notes:

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