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The Father’s Heart

Nov 25, 2022

This podcast discusses the concept of who we are connected to? Where do we come from? Who are we descended from? The importance of knowing who your father is goes beyond the thought of who your natural father is. If you know who your father is, do you follow him? 

The podcast discusses the dialogue between Jesus and the Pharisees about who their father was and who Jesus’s Father was. The real issue here is the attempt of the Evil one to deceive us from realizing who our true Father is. Many people today do not have a natural father who portrayed a father’s heart to them. Their natural fathers have not displayed the heart of God the Father. 

Who is your Daddy naturally? And more importantly who is our Daddy spiritually?

Ultimately, our callings and destiny are ultimately determined by who our Daddy is spiritually. 

Papa Tom’s Tales Book Three is “The Birthday Present”. It discusses the issue of overcoming the spirit of deception. The biggest deception is deceiving us from understanding who our true Father is. Separating us from our Father is Satan’s primary objective. 

Come listen to our presentation of “Who Is Your Daddy”, it will cause you to think and hopefully motivate you to find out who our Father is. Whether you accomplish this naturally or spiritually or both you will be better off! 


Come and listen, enjoy, and connect with God Your Father’s Perspective!

Show Notes:

All our media: podcasts, articles, blogs and Children’s Books can be found at website. Come visit our website. Our third book: “The Birthday Present” has been completed in text form and is in the process of being illustrated.

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Further developments: The Fathers Heart Talk Show with Papa Tom will air every Thursday morning at 8:00 am on WSIC from Statesville NC on channels 105.9 FM, 100.7 FM, 1400 AM. You can also find us on wherein recorded shows will be saved for you to visit and listen to the recordings. 



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